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Whether you are a business owner and need help with business services like payroll, employee benefits or merchant processing or are an individual looking for the right insurance options for you-
We've got you covered.

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Health Insurance

Having health insurance coverage can save you money on doctor's visits, prescription drugs, preventative care and other health-care services.  Low deductibles, high deductibles, short term coverage and even international coverage.  We've got you covered for individual, family, or employer sponsored options.

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Life Insurance

Protect your business or family with the most cost effective strategy of all- Life insurance.  Whether you're looking for permanent solutions, term options, family protection or key man coverage, we can help you find the right coverage for you.  We have individual and group benefit options available at very affordable prices.   Been denied coverage in the past?   With our years of experience and company resources, there's a good chance we can help find you a solution.

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Dental Insurance 

We offer quality, cost-effective choices designed for you, your family and your well-being. Oral health is linked closely with overall health so it is important to take care of your teeth.  Insurance can make that more affordable.  Individual and group benefit options available.

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Vision Insurance

Vision insurance is the type of insurance designed to be used. If you wear glasses or contact lenses it can save you significant money over time.  When used effectively, your policy benefits will pay out more than your premiums paid making this type of coverage a no-brainer.  Options for individuals, families, and group benefits.

Leg Injury

Disability Insurance

Disability insurance is like insurance for your paycheck.  If you become hurt or sick and can't work, disability insurance steps in to pay household bills while you are out of work.  Not only are individual disability policies offered, we can help with discounted group options as well.  Business Owner Expense policies are available too which pay routine business expenses while the owner is hurt/sick and can't work.  This type of coverage can literally keep the lights turned on!

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Employer Sponsored Benefits

Attracting and retaining key employees will always be a top priority for growing businesses.  Designing an effective employee benefit program can help you do that.  With a long list of options to offer your employees, let us help you design a package that works for your team and budget.  Did we mention that most offerings are tax deductible?  Let us show you how.

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Travel Insurance

Accessing healthcare in some parts of the world can be tricky. Some hospitals won’t provide any treatment—or won’t allow a patient to be discharged—until the hospital has received a guarantee of payment.  With options that fit any travel itinerary, this coverage can give you peace of mind while out of the country.

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Pet Insurance

From puppy and kittenhood to the senior years, pet medical insurance from us will be there through all the good times (and messes).  By having pet insurance, when the decision needs to be made to treat your animal friend you will be ready to say yes.  By offsetting the costs, it is easier to provide the treatment your pet needs at any given time.  They'll appreciate you for it!

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Health and Wellness Discount Program (includes Telemedicine)

This program offers two affordable discount plans that are designed to help you and your family save money on your healthcare costs and guide you to a healthier lifestyle.  Whether you are looking to supplement an existing health plan or get some benefits you don't currently have, this coverage could be a great fit!

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ID Theft and Credit Monitoring

Obtaining identity theft protection plans through Securus ID can afford you many important and convenient protections for you and your family in these ever-changing times of technology.  Recovering from an identity theft can be daunting.  Let Securus ID clean up the mess and you can go about your day.  Sorry, not today hackers!

Merchant Services

We can assist you with accepting virtual payments, over the phone payments, website payments and in person payments with a wide variety of credit card terminals and point of sale systems to choose from. Did we mention our customers gain access to the most competitive pricing in the industry?

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HR Services For Your Business

Automated electronic employee onboarding, employee handbooks, timekeeping solutions, benefit enrollment, and employee communication are just a few of the ways we can help your organization.  Talk to us today for a customized plan.

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